Is The Cloud Secure for the Oil and Gas Industry?

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ANTAEUS’ cloud platform, GeoFit,  lives in an ever-evolving digital world in which data security is of paramount importance to the oil and gas industry. When a business considers moving their operations from local drives and servers to the cloud, obvious questions on data security arise.

> How secure is the cloud?

Antaeus was careful to select an industry-proven service provider (Amazon Web Services –  AWS) that provides the highest standard of encryption and security measures. AWS data centres have teams worldwide dedicated to the protection of the valuable data housed within them. This takes away the pressure from in-house IT to provide and monitor protection from malware, allowing the company to focus resources elsewhere.

> How secure is the data within GeoFit?

GeoFit differs from traditional E&P programs in that it is accessed via your web browser with an inner level of authentication inside the AWS environment for additional security. GeoFit’s web-based interface acts as a secure portal with security certificates to the cloud company database. All communication to and from the company database is encrypted and passes through multiple firewalls and network configurations.

This high level of security is to be compared to typical setups where program files are saved to the user local hard-drive. Multiple issues arise including vulnerability to malware attacks to any files to which this local computer is connected on the company servers and the inability to backup these files when out of the office environment.

> Is the data backed up?

There are significant savings when operating within a cloud-based environment. No longer do companies need to purchase additional servers and hardware to store company-wide data backups as this is all part of the service provided by the cloud with full redundancy. Additionally backups can be automated to your preferred frequency.

Moving to a cloud-based operating environment exponentially improves efficiency, collaboration and provides a large scope for cost reduction throughout the company. Coupled with state of the art encryption and security, GeoFit is the natural choice for E&P companies worldwide.

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