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Consultants can rarely bear the cost of expensive software and often have no alternative but to work inside the client office and settle for their ‘corporate suite’ of programs while sharing proprietary techniques.

Geofit™ eliminates this issue by introducing a fully secure way to run computations, share data (curves, reports, videos, pictures, etc.) and allow collaboration in a private environment in which selected data, copied from the main database are visualized and downloaded by third parties that have been granted access.

This unique solution enables consultants to work from anywhere and for anyone in the world, increasing their market presence and providing clients with sought after expertise outside their country of operation. Consultants will get an opportunity to develop personalized technical applications and workflows that can be profitably distributed through Geofit™

Here is an example of a self-employed consultant.

This consultant has been contracted for one year to work on a project in Malaysia. The Operator can create an instance of their database that has the Malaysia datasets only and the consultant has access to it. In this scenario, assuming the consultant needs to cover all costs and runs calculation on a maximum of 20 wellbores, we have the following pricing scenario:

Total: 1 personnel


Unit Cost



Geofit instance (500GB)

$ 8,500


$ 8,500

Additional memory (TB)

$ 1,500

$ –

Additional users
$ 500

$ –

Subscription seat Basic

$ 3,000

$ –

Subscription seat Standard

$ 6,000

$ –

Subscription seat Advanced

$ 10,000


$ 10,000

Subscription seat Premium

$ 20,000

$ –

Total Cost / Year

$ 18,500

1 login access to DB and visualization
1 floating computation seat 

•  1 Advanced seat: workflow, 10 concurrent wells

The cost of the instance database above will most likely be billed to the Operator from the consultant. Now, if the Operator wants to release access of the instance to “other” consultants or even their internal staff, all they need to do request the consultant to  purchase additional user access for $500 per person or if anyone needs to run computation, then a computational processing seat can be selected.

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