E&P Database

Oil & Gas professionals need the ability to gather, find, edit, manage, and transfer data on a daily basis. Moreover, they need to provide accurate information in a swift manner to support their decision-making processes.

Our platform provides a powerful capability of importing any kind of data into a single repository on the cloud in a matter of seconds and allows all disciplines across the organization to have access to this data immediately.

There are a wide variety of IT infrastructure challenges when deploying and managing an E&P database. It is extremely costly and requires a significant amount of personnel with specialized skills, along with data migration from one project to the other, loss of data, duplicate data, you name it. Can we avoid this? Yes we can. •  Have you spent days looking for, or waiting to receive data from logging/mud/drilling service companies? •  Have you received data that was incorrect and had to redo your interpretation? •  Have you had trouble transferring data between colleagues? With Geofit™, companies will be able to increase asset team efficiencies by reducing time spent on looking for and analyzing high-value log data, instead increasing time spent on reservoir characterization and formation evaluation workflows. Information is readily available across the asset team eliminating the need to shift, export, and manipulate borehole and log data from multiple stores.

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For more detailed information, read our White Paper on GeoFit Database Features.

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