Geofit™ Geomechanics software provides E&P professionals with a better understanding of the subsurface environment with unmatched tools necessary to fully integrate geomechanics into the decision-making processes. It is critical to analyze and model subsurface pressure, wellbore stability and overburden pressure to anticipate problems, reduce uncertainty and optimize wellbore design for safer and improved drilling performance.

• Have you had problems when the pipe was stuck or the casing collapsed or in the worst scenario, the borehole collapsed entirely?
•  Have you faced costly delays in previous projects due to non-productive time (NPT)?

Borehole stability problems are frequently encountered during drilling across many regions. If the proper borehole analysis is conducted ahead of time, multiple benefits can be achieved including:

•  decrease in NPT
•  reduction of overall costs
• improve safety of operations surrounded by complex subsurface geology with mechanically weak formations (such as uncompacted sands, overpressured zones, and shallow water)

Our software models borehole conditions that can lead to borehole collapse, stuck pipe, casing collapse, lost circulation, or even reservoir damage. Wellbore analysis supports the stimulation or fracturing designs and evaluations.

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For more detailed information, read our White Paper on GeoFit Geomechanics.

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