Geofit™ Petrophysics software is designed to make formation evaluation simpler, more efficient, and cost effective. Data acquired in boreholes is intricate, varied, and represents a significant investment. You can bring all of your latest borehole related data from the well site for review and detailed analysis. Whether you’re looking at a single well or an entire basin, Geofit™ Petrophysics helps you understand rock and fluid behavior, which is essential to making timely decisions such as well placement and improvement of NPT. 

•  Have you been running petrophysical analysis on spreadsheets due to the high cost of perpetual licenses?
•  Do you receive all relevant data on a project from your partners on a timely fashion?
•  Do you need to report your findings to your management?

With Geofit™ Petrophysics, those difficult investment decisions can be answered by conducting your own analysis. You don’t need to be a petrophysicist to run the product. The software comes with summary outputs that portray pay zones, thicknesses, NPV, and relevant data to make quality decisions on your investments. You can continuously update hydrocarbon volumes and reserves associated with your assets.

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For more detailed information, read our White Paper on Geofit Petrophysics.

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