The Cloud Collaborative Platform is built on 6 fundamental pillars:
Collaboration, Connectivity, Adaptability, Security, Mobility, and Simplicity.


The concept of a shared database between multiple users has now become a “must have” in today’s world. Company ecosystems are far from optimal when numerous files are stored on individual hard disks or personal directories somewhere on one of multiple servers and these files can rarely be accessed without the creator, who given the recent industry downsizing, has likely moved on or simply left the industry altogether.

Geofit™ is anchored to an optimized database system, which eliminates file losses and makes data storage and retrieval as simple as checking your email. An authorized individual can locate files in seconds, read and visualize them or work on the data itself to generate diagnostics or interpretations while dynamically sharing the environment with other users. Technicians, support staff, engineers and management can then apply the same set of tools to collaborate and communicate validated information promptly, improving overall efficiency.


Around 50% of the world’s population has high-speed internet access, with the majority located in urban areas. The remaining population has, by default, either very poor connectivity or no connectivity at all. Expensive satellite connections have so far been the only option to provide remote location access, however, reliability remains questionable, data transfer is often interrupted and data packets continuously need to be resent.

We designed Geofit™ to operate in low bandwidth environments such as remote field locations or drilling rigs where maintaining a sustained connection is very often challenging, when not impossible. We built a cloud platform that utilizes a data transfer optimization algorithm and multi-user interactivity, allowing to work with the company’s central server in challenging internet conditions (low bandwidth, high latency time).


With the evolution of cloud computing, software companies will face the inevitable challenge of moving from applications developed for the Windows Environment to faster, better and more agile systems like SalesForce, Google, Apple IoS or Android. New software platforms demonstrate that a huge opportunity to improve collaboration is being missed by Oil & Gas companies right now.

Antaues has made this move with Geofit™ and developed a series of applications for the interpretation and diagnostics of well data. Geofit™ applications are being continually expanded and third party partners are bringing their software to be integrated into the platform. Antaeus’ goal is to offer a variety of applications that will take the user from Exploration and Development all the way through Production and Abandonment. Antaeus is continuously working with third party entities to add a greater variety of user applications to cover the various disciplines within the Oil & Gas Industry. Artificial intelligence firms are also being tapped to integrate workflows on the platform and allow access to the latest technology. This will provide a freedom of choice previously unheard of in the Oil & Gas industry and do it at an affordable cost.


Security is paramount to the Oil & Gas industry. With billions of dollars in assets at stake, well information has to be securely safeguarded from ransomware and hacking attempts. Most company systems are subject to thousands, sometimes millions of cyber attacks every day and need to be adequately protected. Antaeus addresses this issue with a combination of encryption, firewalls and industry-standard vulnerability management testing, making this system equally or more secure than that of banks.

Geofit™ has multi-layer security to protect the user’s data. Once a user has entered their credentials, all communication with the cloud database is done via encrypted transfer. It has an internal encryption mechanism for additional security.

Geofit™ does not run user software on the cloud, hence malware, virus or ransomware infestation destroying the user’s system will not affect the integrity of data stored in it. Data is backed up and stored redundantly, and physical threats to the server are no longer a user problem.

For more detailed information, read our Security White Paper.


In the Oil & Gas industry, a cloud platform must have the capability to function in environments with unreliable connectivity. Geofit™ solves this issue by creating a portable base station that synchronizes with the cloud database when connected to the Internet, while it provides cloud functionality to users when offline. This portable cloud is called GeoSync and is available for implementation at any field or movable location. The GeoSync hardware box acts as a local server, hosting the platform and the latest database version. The internal Geofit™ system can be securely shared by local users at locations through GeoSync via a hotspot connection. Geofit™ can also be installed in ruggedized computers or servers for harsh environment operations.


Geofit™ is built for everyone and can directly be accessed through a web-browser with no installation required on the user’s machine. The platform provides a simple but elegant UI that can be mastered in a minimal amount of time.

Focusing on well accepted interface architecture concepts (icon placement, appearance, etc) common to other cloud platforms, the interface window greatly facilitates training for new users. Training materials are available and accessible within the platform.

Geofit™ allows the creation and export of sophisticated curves and graphs that will greatly simplify your life when documenting and illustrating your analysis.

Start using Geofit™ today!

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