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Tool Designer

Tool designers are in a unique position, they design technology to address a need that is created within the industry. They need to protect their designs as these are the core of their businesses and without associated rights, their enterprises would not be viable. Some developments take years and carry considerable engineering costs.

One of the key elements associated with these tools is the interpretation component. Extracted signals need to be converted into raw data and this data then converted into readable and meaningful information through the application of complex algorithms or workflows. These are subjected to months, if not years of calibration testing to ensure tool reliability when put under field conditions.

Geofit™ offers an ideal platform to house these workflows and algorithms and bypass the waiting period between data collection and interpretation. Tool Designers can not only witness the operation in the field, but provide real-time analysis and interpretation of the tool data. They are immediately aware of the results to take a faster course of action or choose to have additional runs of the tool while it is still rigged up.

Geofit™ enables Tool Designers to collaborate with geoscientists and assist them in setting operating conditions representative of geological environment to obtain meaningful results when exposing the tools to the field conditions. It provides a vehicle to monitor, analyze and document tool failures and capture key information to make design alterations and avoid future failures under similar conditions. Since is accessed through the web browser, the collaboration ability is unaffected by user hardware or changing operating systems.

Here is an example where the Tool Designer is working on a wireline logging campaign for an Operator.

There are two Tool Designer personnel on the field, while communicating with one of the Operator’s geoscientist.

Total: 3 personnel


Unit Cost



Geofit instance (500GB)

$ 8,500


$ 8,500

Additional memory (TB)

$ 1,500


$ 7,500

Additional users
$ 500


$ 1,000

Subscription seat Basic

$ 3,000

$ –

Subscription seat Standard

$ 6,000

$ –

Subscription seat Advanced

$ 10,000

$ –

Subscription seat Premium

$ 20,000

$ –

Total Cost / Year

$ 17,000

3 login access to DB and visualization
no floating computation seats 

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