Geofit™ provides a user-friendly Web interface to search, browse and visualize the stored data. Professionals may be keen in searching and visualizing well headers, well logs, markers, checkshots, open LAS/LIS/DLIS files, view plots and more. All this can be done within a single Web application sitting on the cloud where access is to anyone, anytime, and anywhere.

•  Have you had problems in the past trying to view all relevant well data in one software?
You may have been frustrated going from one application to the other due to incompatibility.
•  Wouldn’t it be nice to see your data on any kind of device that has a Web browser?
•  Has your laptop ever been stolen or your data corrupted?

With Geofit™, you can access your data through any device that has a Web browser, as long as there is internet connectivity. Even if you are in the most remote places on earth and there is internet connectivity, you will be able to access and visualize your data. We have run thorough tests from various locations in the world and latency has seldom been an issue. The data upload done in Africa can be visualized immediately from corporate headquarters in London or Houston.

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